Dear friends,      

As a voice for the people of Florissant, I have worked closely with citizens and listened to concerns of the community in an effort to bring about positive change and growth, both economically and socially. It has been my great honor to serve as state representative for the people of the 68th district, and it is my sincere hope to continue in that role while striving to do more for our community and the state of Missouri.

I have worked hard to maintain the right people and the right ideas for my campaign. Over the next weeks and months, you will see a clean, healthy campaign that does right by this district. It will stand as a testament to the power of our community’s robust, value-driven roots and to the combined efforts of a strong group of hard-working Missourians.

Thank you for your support and guidance, and keep an eye out for more great things to come!

Warmest wishes,

Keith English Sr.