About Keith English

My name is Keith English, and I am the Missouri state representative for the 68th district. I served as a Florissant city councilman for more than five years. I continue to use this experience and the perspective I’ve gained to bring fiscal responsibility to Missouri. I am the son of hard-working parents, the single father of three, and a soon-to-be grandfather.

Growing up in Florissant, I was greatly shaped by my parents. From summers as a child raising money for muscular dystrophy (a value instilled in me by my mother, Linda) to make a difference to those in need, I learned the importance of community service at an early age. From my dad’s careful and balanced view of the world, I learned to listen and consider both sides of a dispute. From his work ethic and my birth mother’s military dedication serving 33 years in the USAF, I learned the values and responsibilities of hard work and the important role the military plays in protecting our freedom. From my parents, I gained a sense of pride and what it means to live the "American Dream."

As an electrician with IBEW and a former city councilman, I understand that balancing the budget is a priority that Missouri families and businesses face every day. I believe it's time our government does the same.Keith English at Capital Building I know how to eliminate wasteful spending by auditing and streamlining government agencies, as I worked with a strong city council to do just that. I’ll fight to take on the big banks and stop bailouts while making sure every tax dollar given to them comes back to us.

In my professional life, I have tried to live the values modeled before me. I have strived for a more transparent local government by involving the community I serve. I began public work sessions with the Council for the betterment of our community. As councilman of the 4th ward, I developed programs that assist residents, such as free recycling and a fall leaf pick-up. I am present and visible in the community, and the residents know I am always ready to work for them and with them.

I realize that nothing is going to change without ordinary citizens standing up and fighting to regain OUR state. Nothing is going to change until we demand from our government the same common sense and decency we demand from ourselves. I realize that I can and need to work hard to ensure that our children and grandchildren are raised in the same great Missouri that we were and are afforded the same opportunities. Nothing makes you think harder about the direction of this country than raising children and grandchildren.

When our founding fathers first dreamed of this nation, they did not envision a state filled with career politicians marching their way up the seniority ladder. They imagined citizens volunteering to take time from their lives to devote to the service of this great country. I believe in that tradition, and I pledge to make you a part of our government again. As most families are busy, it is common that the average citizen does not know who their state representative is. I intend to change that.Thank you for making me your voice!